What is a disciplinary violation Any violation of the laws and regulations and traditions of the university and in particular the following:

1 – Laboratory at the Institute or to disrupt the study or incitement to it as well as abstinence

Who is responsible for attending classes, lectures, etc., which are required by the regulations.

  1. Any act that is dishonorable, dishonorable, dishonorable or dishonest

University or beyond.

  1. Any breach of the examination system or due diligence shall be fraudulent in any test or proceeding.
  2. Any damage to or destruction of the facilities, equipment, materials or university books.
  3. Any organization within the Institute or participation in it without prior permission.
  4. Distribution of leaflets, issue of wall papers or collection of signatures without authorization.
  5. The sit-in inside university buildings or participation in demonstrations contrary to public order and ethics

And fitness.

  1. Collect funds under any name without a license.

Disciplinary Sanctions for System Violations:

  1. Oral or written alert.
  2. Warning.
  3. Denial of some student services.
  4. This period is defined

Treatment of the absentee with excuse.

  1. Termination for a period of not more than one month without entering the university campus (and dealing with that period)

Treatment of the absentee with excuse.

  1. Canceling the final exam in one or more courses.
  1. Chapter for more than one semester and not exceeding two semesters with no

Enter the campus.

The final chapter is reported to the universities and follows

Student is not eligible to be enrolled or to take exams